Staff Services

The Adams, Rizzi & Sween P.A. support staff is a critical asset to the workings of the firm. Our 8 paralegals and legal assistants have combined 205 years of experience working with the firm. Their extensive experience and knowledge provide immeasurable support to attorneys and make any contact with the firm more efficient and comprehensive.Adams, Rizzi Sween Staff


Firm History

The law firm of Adams, Rizzi & Sween P.A. began in 1887 when Nathan Kingsley and R. C. Shepherd relocated their law office from Chatfield, Minnesota to Austin. When Kingsley left the firm to serve as a Judge of the Tenth Judicial District, Shepherd was joined by Samuel Doak Catherwood. During Catherwood's tenure at the firm, he served as legal counsel for George A. Hormel from 1891 until Mr. Hormel's death in 1952. Mr. Catherwood also served as a District Court Judge.
Jacob W. Nicholsen joined the firm when Shepherd moved his practice to Billings, Montana. Later, Burton E. Hughes, R. C. Alderson, Roger Catherwood (Samuel Catherwood's son), and Glenn E. Kelley joined the firm. Glenn E. Kelley later served as a District Court Judge in the Third Judicial District as a Justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Raymond B. Ondov joined the firm in 1954 and Gary E. Leonard in 1963. Both are currently Of Counsel with the firm. Paul V. Sween joined the firm in 1972, Steven T. Rizzi, Jr. in 1983, Dean K. Adams in 1990, Adam J. Houck in 2012, and Morgan E. Carlson in 2015.
Although the firm's members and names have changed over the years, the traditions of legal excellence that began over 125 years ago continues today as Adams, Rizzi & Sween, P.A. sets high standards for professionalism and quality legal service.